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Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country filled with spectacular natural wonders. It may not be the richest country financially speaking, but it certainly has an abundance of natural treasures. It is usually these natural treasures – beautiful green forests, pristine sandy beaches and stunning blue rivers and waterfalls – which draw visitors to the country. Tourism in this country is growing and has, by and large, had a very positive effect on the country in general.

Perhaps for many people one of the biggest lures to this country as a tourist destination is that the people are generally quite easy to understand. The need for Nicaraguan translators is somewhat unnecessary since Spanish is the official language of the country. Granted, not every visitor can speak Spanish; but it is quite a widespread language that is learned fairly easily. If you’re traveling with a Spanish speaking individual, it is usually best to head to the west of the country which was colonized by Spain and has the largest proportion of Spanish speaking individuals. Even the Mestizos that live in this area speak Spanish as a first language.

For those that understand English better than Spanish, they might try the eastern half of Nicaragua as it was once a British protectorate so English is the first language in this region. While the western half of the country tends more towards a Spanish culture, the eastern half is very Caribbean. The eastern half is also home to a number of indigenous groups who still use their traditional languages, such as the Sumos and the Ramas. However, despite language difficulties, you should do your best to tour the entire country. You may be able to find a Nicaragua translating service at either a major hotel, an airport or at an appropriate embassy. The cheapest and easiest linguistic help, however, is a tour guide who can speak both Spanish and English. People are friendly and will help you find the appropriate translator to the best of their abilities.

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