Radio in Nicaragua, Local Music

Radio news broadcasts are the most popular way to keep informed in Nicaragua. Nicaragua has a vast number of radio stations offering a variety of programs. From up-to-date news to music and religious themes, you will find something to interest you on the radio.

Nicaragua has some 63 AM radio stations, 32 FM stations and 3 shortwave stations. This great variety means that you are bound to find something broadcast in your language. Radio Pirata is a very popular station. It is also the first Nicaraguan radio station to broadcast online.

Whilst listening to a Nicaraguan radio station you are certain to come across the unique sounds of Nicaraguan music. Modern music from the country includes a blend of local sounds with European influences. Many musicians and bands from Nicaragua are popular even beyond the country’s borders. Young people tend to listen to music from popular bands and artists in the USA, Europe, Cuba, Mexico and Brazil.

Below is a list of radio stations in Nicaragua as well as their frequencies and the city in which they are located:

AM Radio

540 Radio Corporacion (Managua)
550 R.19 de Julio (Chinandega)
570 YNALP (Managua)
590 La Voz de Chontales (Juigalpa)
600 La Nuevo Radio Ya (Managua)
620 Radio Nicaragua (Managua)
640 Radio Insurrecsion (Managua)
650 Radio Sport (Grenada)
670 Radio Diriangen (Grenada)
680 La Primerisima (Managua)
700 Radio Istmo (Managua)
720 Radio Catolica (Managua)
730 Radio Segovia (Ocotal)
740 Radio La Sandino (Managua)
810 Radio Rivas (Rivas)
820 Radio Ondas de Luz (Managua)
830 Radio Zinica (Bluefields)
840 Radio Noticas (Managua)
880 Radio El Pensamiento (Managua)
900 Radio TIEMPO (Managua)
920 Radio Mundial (Managua)
960 Radio 13 de Octubre (San Carlos)
1000 Radio Fiesta (Managua)
1030 Radio Masaya (Masaya)
1040 Radio Pancasan (Jintoega)
1130 Radio REL OJ (Managua)
1170 Radio Dario (Leon)
1230 Radio Democracia (Managua)
1260 Radio Gueguence (Managua)
1300 Canal 130AM (Managua)
1310 Radio San Cristobal (Chinandega)
1330 Radio Satelite (Esteli)
1360 Radio Libertad (Jinotepe)
1370 Radio Patria (Boaco)
1400 Radio Maria Nicaragua (Managua)

FM Radio

88.7 Radio Nicaragua (Managua)
90.5 Conozca Radio (Managua)
91.7 La Primerisima (Managua)
92.7 Advent Stereo (Managua)
94.3 Radio Ondas de Luz (Managua)
94.7 Radio Mujer (Managua)
95.5 Radio Horizonte (Managua)
96.9 Radio Flash (Managua)
97.3 Radio Segovia (Ocotal)
97.5 Radio Corporacion (Managua)
98.3 E.Variedades (Managua)
99.1 Radio Sandino (Managua)
99.5 Radio Universidad (Managua)
99.9 Radio Pirata (Managua)
101.5 Radio Junevil (Managua)
101.9 Radio One (Managua)
103.1 Radio Bautista (Managua)
103.6 Radio Marantha (Managua)
104.3 Radio Estrella del Mar (Managua)
105.3 Stereo Romance (Jinotepe)
107.5 Radio La Sardino (Managua)
107.9 Radio Restauracion (Managua)

Shortwave Radio

4920 Radio Rica (Managua)
5950 Radio Nicaragua (Managua)
5970 Radio Miskut (Puerto Cabeza)

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