Television in Nicaragua, Local TV

Despite the fact that Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the region, it is interesting to note that TVs and radios are the most used form of mass media news coverage. There are a few TV networks that broadcast programs in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan TV networks transmit pro and anti-government opinions. Other programs include local productions, international series, comedies, movies and more. Cable TV is also popular amongst people in urbanized areas (Including Ameri-Cable and Estesa). The largest TV channel in Nicaragua is Televicentro Canal 2, which also has the widest coverage. Estestas Canal 63 or 100% noticas broadcasts local and international news 24 hours a day. Telenica Canal 8 is the most popular TV channel in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua’s TV channels are as follows:

Canal 2 – Televicentro
Canal 4
Canal 6 – Sistema Nacional de Television
Canal 8 – Telenica
Canal 10
Canal 12 – Nica Vision
Canal 21
Canal 23 – HTV

Many of Nicaragua’s TV channels can be viewed online. Why not visit one of these sites to find out what is happening in the country or to get a feel for the culture and people.

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