Walking through the Great Forest from Tree to Tree – Nicaragua

Picture this: you slip on a pair of heavy gloves to avoid burning your hands. You jump of a platform that sits high above the ground. Kick your feet out and free fall down to the platform beneath you.

It’s one thing to trek through the forests of Nicaragua on the ground and on foot. It’s another to explore the forests from the tree-tops via clips, ropes, and harnesses. Welcome to one of the most popular recreational activities in Nicaragua: the canopy tour.

There are several locations where travelers can feel the thrill of tree-jumping. One of the most accessible is located right outside Nicaragua’s most popular city-for-tourists: the Mombacho Volcano which hovers over the city of Granada. With a majestic summit that stands at more than 1300 meters, the cloud forests of the Mombacho Volcano is the perfect location to place yourself in.

Giant shade trees that range from 60 to 200 feet in height is where you’ll find yourself. The Mambacho Volcano offers a canopy tour comprised of 17 platforms, a hanging bridge, and 13 horizontal zip lines, ending with a 23-meter rappel from a massive ceiba tree. Typical tours last between 3 and 4 hours, depart twice a day (at 10am and 2pm).

Check out the tour and travel package links at Nicaragua.com for information on how you can arrange your canopy tour ahead of time whil enjoying a visit to the city of Granada.

Lest you think you’re going to be on your own, don’t worry. Although there is a certain degree of difficulty with inherit risks involved, professional assistants are always on hand to ensure a safe environment. (although don’t get scared off when you’re asked to sign a contract that exempts your tour guide from all responsibility. It’s only a formality).

You’ll be given a protective helmet and harness and a demonstration on how to free swing from platform to platform. The next thing you know; you’ll be pretty high up…looking pretty far down, and getting a unique view of the jungle and all it’s mysteries.

Sure, you could spend a day in Granada trapsing around in a horse-drawn carriage. Or you could spend a few hours here; high above the ground swinging from tree to tree.
Tarzan should have it this good.