Volunteering in Nicaragua

As in many countries, there are many local and international organizations operating throughout Nicaragua that welcome the assistance and voluntary work that is offered by students, tourists and the concerned public. Voluntary work in Nicaragua can be done on a short and long term basis depending on the volunteer, the organization and the local needs .

Most volunteer programs last only a few weeks, with many people sign up for voluntary work during their annual leave or between semesters. The programs not only enrich the lives of the local citizenry by providing much needed services also offers volunteers the rewarding opportunity to visit and explore their host country.

There are numerous youth programs currently operating in Nicaragua with most of the sponsored programs lasting approximately five to eight weeks each session. Youth centers support the most underserved children of Nicaragua and help provide much needed educational programs. They also fulfill nutritional and dietary needs by providing balanced meals and health care assistance.

International volunteer organizations offer a wide choice of countries where their volunteers can serve with expeditions available throughout Central and Latin America.

Some of the volunteer programs offered in Nicaragua by local and international organizations include teaching English as a second language, arts and crafts education, music classes and sports. Often, volunteers can choose the location and subjects that would like to teach. Most of the youth programs and volunteer centers are located in Granada.

In Nicaragua, one of the most popular organizations is called Global Vision International. It has different divisions with volunteers that provide educational, community, and conservation programs for local Nicaraguans. Conservation programs are especially popular amount volunteers because the protection of endangered animals is an important part of local culture. For most Nicaraguans being educated about the importance of the wildlife by foreign volunteers helps sustain the fragile ecosystems in the natural habitats of both flora and fauna.

Other volunteer organizations operating in Nicaragua include Volunteers for Peace which offers short term programs that include projects relating to social services, the elderly, youth and children, farming, education, construction, housing, archaeology, HIV/AIDS and other important projects affecting the Nicaraguan people. Volunteers for Peace supports more than 250 such projects and is especially designed for younger volunteers between the ages of fifteen to seventeen. However, most other volunteer projects have a minimum requirement of eighteen years of age.

Another volunteer organization, Grassroots Youth and Education focuses on the education of the youth. Its staff offers choir, photography, music, science, reading, environmental and health programs. In some programs, foreign volunteers must have a strong command of the Spanish language with a minimum requirement of speaking, reading and writing English as a prerequisite for acceptance.

Voluntary programs and projects, made possible by organizations like Volunteers for Peace and Grassroots Youth and Education, are important to the social, educational and economic progress of Nicaragua and many other countries. So, if you are planning a vacation and want to make a difference in someone’s life please consider a volunteer programs and make a difference in the lives of others in developing countries like Nicaragua..