Experience Rural Life at Abundance Farm

Located on the outskirts of Diriamba in the Carazo department of Nicaragua, Abundance Farm is a family-run small holding and homestead offering guests the opportunity to experience day-to-day life from the perspective of rural Nicaraguans. Visitors will join in activities such as tending to crops and animals that provide food for those living at, and visiting, Abundance Farm, as well as enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

A typical day at Abundance Farm starts off early with a cup of home-brewed coffee and some breakfast. All cooking is done in cast-iron pots resting on a concrete base with holes in and a fire beneath – somewhat primitive, yet effective. The chickens need to be fed and given clean water three times a day. The food for the chickens consists of corn, soybeans, velvet runner beans and sorghum, all grown on the farm. This is processed with an old-fashioned manual grinder before being fed to the chickens. The laying hens (for eggs) and broilers (for meat) are kept and fed separately.

Some of the day is spent attending to crops in the field and taking care of household chores, such as doing the laundry. This is done by hand, with the clean laundry being carefully spread out on cacti to dry. Water is carried in plastic containers from a nearby water source and everyone at Abundance Farm shares in this necessary activity each day. At some point in the day, and maybe more than once, a trip to the nearby waterfall and a swim in the cool, crystal-clear waters is enjoyed by all.

Guests who plan to stay for two weeks or more may want to consider volunteering at the local school. Volunteers are welcome to put forward their ideas for encouraging students to study and show them the benefits of an education, while at the same time having fun. Through a World Vision grant, the school has received some computers and volunteers with some computer knowledge can provide valuable support in the computer room.

Visitors to Abundance Farm have remarked on the simplicity of rural life and the level of community spirit that exists in the area. Even the smallest of children join in the work without complaint, leaving everyone with some free time to socialize and play, with the river and waterfall being one of the main leisure time attractions. Even though Abundance Farm and its neighbors are far removed from many of the conveniences of city living, it appears that each home, no matter how basic, has a television – which is the other main leisure time attraction. The people are friendly and take pride in their accomplishments and self-sustaining lifestyle. Nothing is taken for granted, everything is put to good use, and mutual respect is the glue that holds the whole fabric of Abundance Farm’s close-knit community together.