Hiking Apante Hill

The city of Matagalpa is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges, of which its highest is the Apante Hill, or Cerro Apante. It is located in one of the seventy-eight nature reserves of Nicaragua – the Cerro Apante Natural Reserve, which contains numerous hills and breathtaking landscapes. Its diverse vegetation provides habitats for a wide range of wildlife, and nature enthusiasts will find indescribable beauty here. To truly explore the magnificence of the reserve and the Apante Hill, visitors are recommended explore the hiking trail to get closer to nature.

In the Nahuatl language, the name Apante is translated as “Water Hill”, and it is fitting as the hill is blanketed in magical mountain streams and flowing rivers, as well as a number of waterfalls that will mesmerize visitors. The presence of so much water ensures that the vegetation remains lush and green, and that the wildlife remains near this protected water source. The hiking trail is not extremely strenuous, allowing hikers to take in the views and enjoy the attractions along the way. Some of the wildlife to be seen includes colorful butterflies and squirrels. With so much to see, the seven hour hike to San Ramon that visitors can participate in does not feel long at all. There is also a five hour hike available on a different trail. Visitors can request a guided tour, but the trails are marked so well that they will be able to navigate them on their own. There are also a few coffee farms along the way.

Once visitors have reached the top of Apante Hill, they will witness a spectacular view of the reserve and even Matagalpa. The viewpoint is called Cerro El Plomo and over and above the city, villages such as San Ramon can be seen from here. From this point visitors can decide if they want to turn back or carry on towards San Ramon, a community that is very interesting to visit as they work together with conservationists to enhance tourism. Hiking Apante Hill will allow visitors to enjoy the magnificence of nature and see Nicaragua from a different view point.