Visit the Remarkable Tepesomoto La Patasta

High in the mountains of Pueblo Nuevo, in Nicaragua, is the Tepesomoto La Patasta natural reserve, also known as Tepesomoto. Located at approximately one thousand seven hundred meters above sea level, the Tepesomoto natural reserve has spectacular, panoramic views of the landscapes below. But there is more to Tepesomoto La Patasta than just breathtaking nature and magnificent wildlife, there are a few noteworthy tourist attractions surrounding the reserve that makes a visit to this area a day filled with adventure and discovery.

The magnificent San Juan de Limay Valley and the Llanos Valley can be seen from the mountains. To reach the top of Cerro Tepesomoto visitors will have to brave the grassy zone, where wind speeds can reach up to eight kilometers per hour, as the few trees that are scattered across this zone provide no shelter from the winds. After this zone waits dense, green forests that protect the magical wildlife of the reserve from prying eyes and danger. Adventurous visitors can climb to higher altitudes, from where they will be able to see the Gulf of Fonseca. The stone carvings left behind by the Chorotega tribe are rare monuments to this time period and reminders of their existence. The reserve also runs various projects in regard to the conservation of plant and wildlife in Nicaragua, including projects that help the communities of this region. A part of the reserve has been set aside to educate and assist local communities to plant and produce fruits, such as avocados, strawberries, peaches and mulberries, to be sold at the markets of nearby villages. One of those villages, La Sabana, is considered to be part of the reserve and has become one of the fascinating tourist attractions in the region. Other agricultural products are also farmed in the area, as well as livestock.

Just outside the reserve, on the road back to Pueblo Nuevo, visitors will find the La Virgen Coffee Farm. Forests surround the coffee plantations and the air is crisp and clean. Organic coffee plantations are also nurtured here and guests to the farm can either explore the plantations and landscape on foot, or ask for a guided horse-back tour. The laboratory will be able to show visitors how coffee is produced and how coffee should be tasted. Accommodation is also available at the plantation, and only the best Nicaraguan dishes are served to hungry travelers.

The breathtaking trails and footpaths give visitors an opportunity to embark on a wonderful journey of exploration, to enjoy the tranquility of nature and the beautiful scenery that decorates the mountains. For tourist attractions, wildlife and an interesting visit to a traditional mountain village, travelers in Nicaragua should not miss out on Tepesomoto La Patasta.