Visit Picturesque Gigante

Exactly how the town of Gigante got its name is open for debate, as there are numerous stories in regard to where the giants foot imprint is, from which the name is derived. But it really does not matter how this destination got its name, as there is one fact that is undisputed, and that is that Gigante is one of the most picturesque destinations in Nicaragua. It is peaceful, with locals living simple lives, while being surrounded by unmatched beauty. It is also a favorite vacation spot for Nicaraguans, especially families.

A normal day in Gigante starts before sunrise when the resident fishermen head out on the sea for their daily catch, and return to shore by late morning, at the latest. They haul in catches of cubera snapper, dorado and other sought after fish, which they clean, put on ice and then transport to the markets that are located in Managua and in Rivas. This has been a traditional way of earning a living in Gigante for centuries. In the last few years, with the rise of international visitors, the town has begun to accommodate tourists and in doing so, it has created new job opportunities for the residents in the town.

Some fishermen have started charter boat operations, allowing avid fishermen to try their hand at Gigante waters. Hotels were opened for accommodation purposes. With surfing becoming a popular lure to the town, surfing camps are also available. Gigante is now listed as one of the top surfing destinations in Nicaragua, as the large swells, especially during the months of April through to August, allow surfers to enjoy great pick ups and peeling lines. Restaurants have also opened. During the holiday seasons in Nicaragua, the town becomes lively and filled with festivities. Visitors to the town during off-season times, will still find the town to be relaxing, with many adventures to enjoy.

Tour operators working from Gigante will be able to guide visitors through the surrounding landscapes of the town, which boasts magnificent wildlife, bird life and activities such as canopy tours and volcano tours that hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers will enjoy.