Pottery from Loma Panda

Nicaragua has a number of rural communities that are located in areas of the country that are not frequented by tourists. These communities have a lot to offer in regard to creative and traditional handicrafts and picturesque landscapes that have been untouched for centuries. One such a community is Loma Panda, which is a tiny settlement situated in the San Lucas municipality. To reach this isolated community, travelers will have to follow a narrow dirt road from San Lucas, and as the road to the settlement is extremely challenging, it is a great opportunity for 4×4 enthusiasts to put their skills to the test.

Be sure to ask for directions to Loma Panda from the locals in San Lucas, as the road is difficult to follow and at times the route is not visible. However, after navigating the road to the village, visitors will be welcomed by warm smiles and breathtaking landscapes. As the settlement is located in the northern mountains of the country, the villagers still practice the same traditions and lead the same lifestyle as their ancestors did, namely farming and pottery. There is no running water available, forcing them to collect their water from nearby streams and they also do not make use of any electricity. One of the main attractions of the settlement is their pottery.

In Loma Panda, pottery making is more a way of life than a creative outlet, and there are a group of women who produce the most spectacular pieces visitors will ever view. Years of perfecting this art has led to a wide variety of items being created, all handmade and unique in every way. Clay is used to form their masterpieces and is dug up by the women, who then transform it into dolls, angels, flutes, flower pots, vases and much more. When it comes to designing the dolls, the women are able to give each doll their own personality so to speak, as their faces, hair other features differ with every angel and doll produced. Visitors are also invited to join the women in their workshops where they share this art of ceramic making. Items from the workshop are also on sale and make the perfect souvenir to remember Loma Panda by.