Travel to Mozonte

The very first inhabitants of the Mozonte territory were the Chorotegas, who were known to be “Brave Warriors” and originated from Mexico. The tribes that settled here, and those who followed, have endured many hardships and isolation, leaving behind their colorful legacies and a rich traditional history that lures many visitors to this small town each year. The town was previously known as Motonil and Musynse, but the name of Mozonte was eventually chosen and has remained. Not only is the history of the town extremely fascinating but the crafts that are made here by the locals can only be described as breathtaking.

Visitors to Nicaragua will be able to reach the indigenous town of Mozonte from the city of Ocotal. It is located a few kilometers outside of the city and there are busses that frequently make the trip between these two destinations. As pottery crafts are the main attraction in the town, it has also become the main source of income for many families in Mozonte. Some locals dedicate their entire lives to the production of pottery items and the selling of them. They are so gifted in the craft of ornamental ceramics that they are able to offer visitors a diverse range of products that are painstakingly hand painted and decorated in breathtaking designs of different colors or landscape paintings. The high quality work done by the local Mozonte artisans are well known throughout the world, and these items make ideal souvenirs and gifts for tourists to take home with them. To browse through the numerous items and watch these artists at work, tourists can visit the Casa de la Ceramica workshop, where all the action happens. Another source of income to the town is lime production. Visitors are invited to spend some time at the lime mine of Mozonte, as it is an educational and fascinating attraction.

One of Mozonte’s most popular religious sites is located on Holy Hill, or Loma Santa. There are stairs located on the side of the hill, making the journey a little less strenuous, with the Medalla Milagrosa church standing proudly at the top of the hill. The church has been abandoned for many years, but the views of the town and its surrounding landscapes makes the climb worth the effort.