Savoring the Beers of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country with incredible opportunities and plenty of activities to enjoy. After a day spent hiking through the rain forest, trekking across the dusty plains on horseback or just lazing in the sun on the beach you will likely feel like refreshing a dry thirst that has been building throughout the day.

This is not the sort of thirst that is easily appeased by water – it is the sort of thirst that only a beverage such as beer can truly satisfy. So you will likely amble along to the nearest bar or restaurant to quench your thirst.

Most visitors are surprised to learn that there are usually only two beers in Nicaragua and that foreign stock is hard to come by. Beer tasting always has been – and always will be – a matter of personal choice so while there are those who proclaim that Nicaragua’s beers are the best that they have ever tasted, there are also those who would argue that it is the most vehemently disgusting brew they have ever forced down their throat. Still, with some of Nicaragua’s beers now being imported to the United States, their homegrown brews can’t be all that bad.

The two main beers in Nicaragua are the ‘Toña’ and the ‘La Victoria’. The Toña is brewed by Compania Cervecera de Nicaragua and it is generally quite well received by locals and foreign travelers. It is a golden Lager beer with a smooth and refreshing flavor. Toña has a 4.6% alcohol content and it is brewed according to the strictest brewery standards from the best malts and hops available in both North America and Europe. Toña is currently sold in six of America’s Western States and there are plans to expand this range to an additional eleven USA states. One of the things that makes the Toña so popular is that is a taste experience. Its name, rich flavor and origins give appeal to the various aspects of the drinkers mind and senses resulting in a well-rounded drinking experience. It is also a high quality brew and this is clearly reflected in the taste of the beverage.

On a scale of 1-10, La Victoria is often rated two notches lower than Toña but it is a softer beer that many prefer over its competitor. Served cold throughout Nicaragua, La Victoria is tasty and perfect for quenching a strong thirst. Of course, the only way to know if you really like a beer or not is to try it for yourself so the next time you visit Nicaragua, give the Toña and the La Victoria a try and see which one you like the most.