A Delightful Stay at Santa Maria de Ostuma

Approximately fifteen minutes away from Matagalpa lies the El Arenal Nature Reserve. Here, among it’s more than a thousand four hundred hectares, live peaceful farming communities who practice sustainable farming as taught to them by conservation establishments. Not only is the reserve home to these farmers but to the Santa Maria de Ostuma, which is active in conservation and the education of the public, as well as being a support system for the reserve communities and their children.

What started out as a remodeling project of Casa Hacienda, became the beginning of a lodge, a coffee plantation and a remote destination in one of the most breathtaking parts of Nicaragua. The site on which Santa Maria de Ostuma is located has always been a safe haven for nature, ornithology, scientific studies and biological research to assist in conservation and to offer hospitality and a welcome reception of visitors. Of the four hundred and forty-four hectares that is owned by the Santa Maria de Ostuma organization, only a hundred hectares is used for the farming of shade grown coffee, while the rest of the property is utilized for reforestation and the preservation of the current eco-systems.

The main goals of the Santa Maria de Ostuma lodge is to attract people from all over the world and of different backgrounds, such as travelers, professors, researchers and students, to explore the comfortable lodge accommodation, spend peaceful evenings on the observation deck, discover the beauty of the reserve whilst hiking through its forests, and be educated through the workshops, projects and biological station about the significance of nature and the protection of it.

Visitors will be able to join in on a host of activities, including hiking trails, presentations, discussions with naturalists, bird watching, horse riding, community service and learning about the running of interactive farms and farming methods used for the production of coffee, flowers and organic gardening. If the activities are too much for visitors who are simply looking for a peaceful destination to escape their daily lives, the Santa Maria de Ostuma reserve offers guests the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the peaceful surroundings at the lodge. Santa Maria de Ostuma is an eco-friendly and educational lodge that tries to conserve the magnificence of the nature of Nicaragua, while improving the lives of the local communities.