The Surf Sanctuary in Las Salinas

When we think about the idyllic life, ‘La Vida Sencilla’ or ‘the simple life’ seems to pop into mind, but for most of us it’s an unrealistic dream, an impossible desire, yet an attractive goal that we like to keep close to our hearts in an attempt to justify life in general. But for a group of five friends ‘La Vida Sencilla’ has become a reality, a way of life and they want to share this amazing experience with you.

It all began with the childhood friendship between Wayne and Tony over 20 years ago, and through a common interest and a love of surfing they began to take trips together.

Today Tony and Wayne are both married with their wonderful families by their sides, supporting their dreams in Las Salinas, Nicaragua. Before the dream became a reality, however, Tony Longobucco was a contractor and designer living with his wonderful wife Nancy, a medical assistant, and their young daughter, Logan, in Jacksonville, Florida, for over 15 years. At the same time, Wayne Senteno had been working in golf course management and was married to Kelly who worked in marketing. It was their combined influence of travel which would bring them to their final destination.

The year was 2004 and it became the turning point as Tony embarked on a surfing trip. The destination? Nicaragua! There he was immediately attracted to the solitude, vast mountains, offshore winds, clean surf, local cuisine, the friendly locals and tropical surroundings that would entice the rest to follow, giving birth to what is now ‘The Surf Sanctuary’.

On the warm Pacific Ocean lies the Surf Sanctuary, which opened in the winter of 2005 in an area called Las Salinas, Southwest of Nicaragua. It is within this surf camp and vocational community that you will experience surfing for the thrill seekers to the amateurs or those who are just keen to learn a new hobby. Hiking, fishing and daily excursions are just some of the extra activities that can be enjoyed as you relax, watching the beautiful sunset.

Playa Santana is one of the famous beaches offering what is regarded as one of the ultimate surf breaks in the whole of Central America and sits just 600 yards away from the camp.

Other surfing spots in Nicaragua to see include the Rosado Reef, Popoyo Reef, Outer Reef, and Colorado Beach break. Those surfers who travel to surf in Nicaragua are attracted by the rush of adrenaline with light offshore winds, head high surfs, and large south swells. But watch for rain is during the months of April through to December. This comes after the short dry season which is ideal for those in the early stages of honing their surf boarding skills.

Surfing in Nicaragua is always fun, and Surf Sanctuary adds to the sheer splendor of this marvelous sport for eco-tourists, adventure travelers, and experienced surfers looking for new waves on the beautiful shore along unspoiled stretches of deserted beaches in Central America.