Casa de los Tres Mundos

Granada, in Nicaragua, is home to a vital and significant foundation named Casa de los Tres Mundos. It is an organization that was established as an arts and culture centre, but has grown to become a centre that has evolved into a community program for all. When Hurricane Mitch struck, the rural community of Malacatoya was devastated. Casa del los Tres Mundos became the financial crutch for the new Malacatoya settlement, given the name of Los Angeles. This rice growing community now has a new future to look forward to and it is through the work done with the poor and destitute that creates brighter tomorrows and restores hope, where it once was lost.

As a cultural centre, the Casa de los Tres Mundos addresses various forms of the arts and believes that without education and skill development the foundation would not be able to achieve its goal of long term success. The foundation therefore offers a variety of courses and programs to assist the community of Granada to be able to provide for themselves by applying the skills learnt at the centre in their lives. Those who attend the centre can choose between art school, music school or theatre work.

The music academy at the foundation offers a comprehensive study of music, which includes the history of music and theory courses. Students also get the opportunity to work with guest teachers, a variety of musicians visiting Nicaragua and Urs Leonhard Steiner. Steiner has been lending his services to Casa de los Tres Mundos since 2004. The Painting School teaches young artists different techniques, how to draw and how to experiment in working with different materials. It assists students to nurture their creativity and to display their work for visitors to admire, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. The gallery hosts a variety of exhibitions. Professional artists, who are part of a freelance group of painters, offer support and advice to aspiring artists at the center. This magnificent initiative allows the children who are forced to work to be able to earn money while expressing themselves on canvas. Recently, the arts school has also introduced bookmaking and story writing workshops. The Theatre School was started in 2003, and is not just an additional method of creative expression but a way to raise awareness of theatre as a performing arts skill in Nicaragua. It encourages diversity, investigation and experimentation, giving students the confidence to welcome and embrace change and challenges.

Casa de los Tres Mundos also has a supervised library that was founded in 1995 and is responsible for the files and archives that document the history of Granada since 1653. It is a digital collection that covers all aspects of Granada, including its demographics, politics and development. A two-thousand book library of arts and performing arts is also available. The foundation is a breath of fresh air to the Granada community, helping them to find their inner strength, creativity and unique contribution to society.