Howler Mountain Bike Race

Mountain bike enthusiasts from all over the world will be descending on Nicaragua in February to take part in a challenging and exciting racing event, which also raises funds to assist the local community. The Howler Mountain Bike Race will take place in San Juan del Sur, an ideal location for international entrants, as they will be able to explore its idyllic beaches and enjoy swimming, fishing and surfing excursions after participating in this great community initiative.

The Howler Mountain Bike Race will take place for the second time this year, and is a two day event that will be held on the 20th and 21st of February 2010. are the organizers and presenters of the race, offering $1 500 as prize money to the overall winner. The race is being held to assist non-profit members of the community, who will in turn provide help to children in need of school uniforms, the tourism industry, recycling initiatives and giving support to local women who are trying to carve futures with small businesses. It is hoped that the Howler Mountain Bike Race will raise an estimated $10 000 towards these worthy causes.

A variety of routes have been worked out to provide participants with safe, yet exciting trails, and different categories will be available according to fitness levels and gender. There will be a short track race, which will take place on Saturday, together with the time trials for the cross country events. The Howler Mountain Bike Race will have three distances for mountain bikers, namely the 17 kilometer, 25 kilometer and the 32 kilometer routes. To add to the fun, there will also be a Three-Wheel Bike Taxi Race for spectators to enjoy, the XTERRA Triathlon and two shorter races: the Howler 10 kilometer and Howler 5 kilometer. Support vehicles with medical assistance will be available to sustain participants and ensure their safety while they enjoy the challenges and beauty of the Howler Mountain Bike Race. Participants and their supporters will be able to find comfortable accommodation in the nearby hotels, enjoy tasty local cuisine and explore the history of this magnificent fishing village.