Talented Poet Yolanda Blanco

The majority of the most famous and respected poets from Nicaragua in the years leading up to 1970 were all men. But the literary world began to change as an elite group of women poets came on the scene, and some even achieved international fame and began to rank amongst the most acclaimed poets in Latin America. One of these exceptional women and poets is Yolanda Blanco. She has achieved more than most poets from Nicaragua, and has become one of the most revered poets in the world.

Born in the city of Managua, in the year 1954, Yolanda Blanco started her studies at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua, located in Leon, in 1970. She studied here until 1971, and was the founder of poetry lectures that saw a crowd of the best female poets in Nicaragua attend. She then decided to further her studies in France, studying literature and history, but remained true to her vision of expanding poetry by women in Nicaragua, assisting in the creation of an innovative poetry society. After the Sandinista party, a party she did not belong to, took over control of Nicaragua, she had to move to Venezuela, as the authorities invaded the Blanco family home. She then finished her studies at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and got her degree in literature. She also attended literary workshops and became extremely active in the literary circles of Venezuela.

The Mariana Sanson Arguello National Poetry Award was awarded to Yolanda Blanco in 2005. Some of her work includes Ceramica sol, De lo urbano y lo sagrado, Asi cuando la lluvia and Penqueo en Nicaragua. Her work is intense and focuses on various themes, including feminist views as well as political works. She also has moving works of nature and harvesting, love, sexuality and various other intense themes. Her work is still enjoyed and revered today. For budding poets in Nicaragua, Yolanda Blanco is a great inspiration, as she was a pioneer for women’s poetry in Nicaragua and opened doors to the world.