Renowned Singer and Composer Hernaldo Zúñiga

Born on 2 June 1955 in Managua, Nicaragua, Hernaldo Zúniga spent most of his life in Masaya where he attended Jesuit colleges. He was later sent to the United States to further his studies. Following in the footsteps of certain family members, he attended the University of Chile to study law. It was here that Zúñiga discovered his passion for music and talent for composing, writing his first song in 1974. This song was the start of a long and successful career as a musician.

He performed his first composition, Ventanillas (Little Windows), in the same year at the XV Festival Internacional de la Canion de Vina del Mar. That October he participated in the Festival de la OTI in Mexico, and gained seventh position with singing Gaviota. This was the first time an artist of Nicaraguan descent had participated in this festival, which was a great honor for Zúñiga. He went on to record his first album, which he named A Song from the Rainbow (Del arco iris una cancion), and was again invited to perform at the XVIII Festival Internacional de le Canion de Vina del Mar, where he came in second place after performing Song Book (Cancionero). Song Book was the start of his professional career, as he released the song under the direction of Juan Carlos Calderon in 1978. Between the years 1979 and 1980, Zúñiga continued to record songs with Manuel Alejandro (producer and composer), that included Ven con el alma desnuda, Insoportablemente bella and Un pasajero.

Zúñiga went on to work with magnificent producers and artists, becoming a sensation and a role model to many aspiring musicians in Nicaragua. He started his own label, Zungu Music, under which he released A Tanto Feugo, Del Arco Iris Una Cancion, Despues de Todos Estos Anos and many others. He also participated in a few compilations, of which El Origen was a Nicaraguan special edition. Zúñiga’s song writing abilities were also appreciated by numerous artists who gained hits from songs he had written for them, and include Pandora, Manuel Mijares, Franco, Angela Carrasco, Yuri, Jeanette, Sergio y Estibaliz, Dumas, Charlie Masso, Fernanda, Fandango and Los Dandys.