Spend Some Time in the City of Boaco

Located in the center of Nicaragua, bordering the magnificent Lake Cocibolca, the department of Boaco is crisscrossed by a number of important rivers and incorporates parts of the majestic mountain ranges Cordillera and Amerrisque. Although Boaco is a bit off-the-beaten track and seldom features on tourism itineraries, it is an area of unspoiled natural beauty with hills and valleys, rivers, waterfalls and hotsprings that nature lovers are sure to appreciate. Along with its natural beauty, Boaco is a cultural treasure trove, with local communities producing traditional handmade crafts and enjoying traditional music and dancing. It is also home to some interesting archeological sites offering fascinating windows to a distant past.

With its temperate climate and good rainfall, the economy of the department of Boaco is driven by agriculture and livestock farming. The city of Boaco is the commercial and administrative center of Boaco department. Situated in a very hilly region, the only two flat areas in Boaco are the baseball field and public park, known simply as El Parque. The city has a number of museums visitors may want to explore, including the Boaco Museum of Anthropology, examining the human history of the region, and the Municipal Museum, as well as a privately owned museum established by Nicaraguan poet Armando Incer Barquero. Several artists, writers and poets were born in Boaco, with Fernando Buitrago Morales and Hernan Robleto being the city’s first novelists. Artists from the city include Julito Sequeira and Armando Morales Sequeira.

In a country that enjoys its festivals, Boaco is no exception. The main festival takes place from July 25th each year and is in honor of the patron saint of the city Apóstol Santiago. Among the festival’s highlights are traditional dances by Los Bailantes, a group of locals who have passed the dancing tradition down through generations since the 17th century. Traditional bullfights are held regularly throughout the year, with locals goading a bull until it retaliates and then trying to escape being gored while urged on by an enthusiastic audience.

Visitors to Boaco will find a charming city with all the conveniences of modern life, minus the stress. Be sure to visit the various points in and around the city that offer scenic views of nature at its best in the surrounding countryside.