Exploring the Natural Splendor of Aguas Agrias

Hiking is a great way to see a country as it gives participants the opportunity to take it slow and really soak in the visual feast around them. Indeed, hiking is definitely one of the better ways to take in the scenery at Aguas Agrias in Nicaragua.

You’ll find the rural Aguas Agria community on the southern side of the Mombacho Volcano. At first glance, you may think it’s not much to look at. The local community subsists on farming and there isn’t much in the way of buildings or other such attractions. However, the appeal of this area lies in the rich, natural surroundings and not in any man-made developments. Visitors are invited to enjoy a short two-hour hike around the area so that they can get to know it better. There are also several other, shorter trails which can be enjoyed. All of them start from the communal house of Aguas Agrias and this is also where you will be greeted by one of the local guides who will take you on your tour of the surrounding areas.

Starting out, you might notice the various plantations and farms in the area as the local farmers work the land. You might also note the dark, fertile soil which is a direct result of the volcanic eruptions in the area. Large volcanic rocks also dot the landscape, giving it a unique edge. Oftentimes these rocks are collected by the community and sold for various decorative and architectural purposes. The Aguas Agrias hiking trail takes you through farms and plantations and into the valley on the sides of the Mombacho Volcano. The vegetation becomes thick and beautiful here and is home to numerous kinds of wildlife. The green-lipped mouth of the volcano can be seen through the forest canopy. At length, hikers will find themselves at the Manares River where the water runs crystal-clear and refreshingly cool. Here is the source of the area’s name, for though the water looks delicious, it has a sour taste from its volcanic origins. Hence, the area was called ‘Aguas Agrias’ or ‘Sour Water’. Fortunately it becomes much more palatable just a little bit further down river after joining up with several other rivers. Visitors will find that a quick bath in the river can be quite refreshing after their humid hike.

The trail ends where it started – back at the communal house in Aguas Agrias in Nicaragua. The Aguas Agrias hiking trail is definitely worth doing and will make a great addition to any visit to the country. So make sure you pack in your hiking boots before you head off to Nicaragua for a great holiday.