Relax in the Fishing Village of Casares

The small village of Casares in Nicaragua is situated about 70 kilometers south east of Managua on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

This beautiful and unspoiled part of the coastline is a very popular fishing spot for visitors and fishing is the livelihood of the majority of the locals. In the early mornings fishermen bring in their catch of lobster and fish. The beach becomes a hive of activity as the fish and lobster are emptied out of the coolers and appraised before being carried to nearby market stalls. You can buy fish and lobster fresh off the boats on the beach, or enjoy them expertly prepared for lunch at one of the local restaurants. A catch may include marlin, dorado, sailfish, barracuda and snapper, as well as lobster. Once the catch of the day has been seen to, the boats are hauled ashore using log rollers. Motors are removed and any maintenance that needs to be done is carried out before the hardworking fishermen continue with the rest of the day’s activities, which includes a lot of socializing.

The beach at Casares serves as a workplace, playground and social gathering spot. Soccer is a favored activity on the beach, as children enjoy the sea, sand and sun with the adults looking on. You may even see some local livestock meander past. Just north of Casares, there is a public pool on the beach that is popular with locals and visitors alike. Some parts of the beach are a little rocky, especially around the public pool, and this allows for small tidal pools to form which are great for exploring with the possibility of finding some small sea creatures. There are also sandy stretches of beach with waves that are great for surfing. The local hotel situated on the top of a hill leading down to the beach, gives an incredible view of the sea from the deck next to the sparkling swimming pool.

The locals of Casares are generally rather poor and live very simple lives with just the necessities, but they are happy, friendly and hospitable. With its beautiful beaches, lovely climate and friendly people, if you are looking for a complete break from the rat-race, Casares in Nicaragua is the perfect place to visit.