Nicaragua Property at La Flor Beach

Nicaragua property on the southern Pacific coast of the country probably the most sought after right now. Not only are the attractions of San Juan del Sur near by, there are relatively undiscovered gems like Coco Beach and La Flor Beach in the region. Furthermore coastal road south of San Juan del Sur will be the main corridor between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. This road which is surrounded by rain forests will open development all along the coast boosting the value of surrounding Nicaragua real estate.

The turtle refuge at La Flor beach (Refugio Vida Silvestre Playa La Flor) offers an experience that one should not miss. The endangered Leatherback or Green Ridley sea turtles swim ashore here to lay eggs on the beach and bury them deep in the sand. The egg-laying season begins in July and goes on till February, peaking between October and December. Seven weeks after the eggs are laid one can witness the miraculous journey of thousands of the newly hatched baby turtles heading back into the sea. This trip if fraught with danger for the newborns as their predators such as frigate birds, vultures and crabs are waiting to snap them up.

There is not much by way of accommodation or food at La Flor but the people are friendly and hospitable. La Flor is about twelve miles away from San Juan del Sur so if you don’t have a car you could take a bus or even bike there making the most of the incredible views. The turtles are mostly seen at night so it is worth camping in tents for the night. The friendly rangers at the refuge may even let you join them on their turtle counting rounds.

During the day you can make the most of the pristine La Flor Beach, one of the most beautiful along the Pacific coast. You could also explore the fresh water estuary and inland portions of the refuge. This eco-sensitive marine preserve does not have Nicaragua property for sale but not far from here is the beautiful Coco Beach where condominiums are being developed. This is a good choice if you want to buy Nicaragua real estate, being just a short drive away from the Liberia International Airport in northern Costa Rica.