Miraflor Nature Reserve

Nicaragua real estate not far from Esteli will base you near the Miraflor Nature Reserve. Located in Jinotega Department, Miraflor is a 206 square kilometer privately owned biological reserve, one of the most important in the country. Miraflor is determined to remain rustic and has a rudimentary tourist infrastructure developed by locals. The potential for an eco-lodge on Nicaragua property near here is tremendous. There is no real center, but five thousand Mirafloreños live in a geographically dispersed but socially united community.

The Miraflor Reserve is cooperatively managed and almost entirely self-funded by associations of small-scale producers. An apex association of 14 small farmer cooperatives is involved in community health and education, organic agriculture and diversification of crops and cooperative organic coffee production. People of diverse interests will find inspiration here: nature lovers, hikers, social justice workers, organic farmers and artists can experience something unique in Miraflor.

Miraflor can be visited on day trips from Estelí, but there is unique accommodation available too. Your financial support to the campesinos will help continued preservation of these magnificent forests. The wildlife is spectacular with 236 distinct bird species belonging to 46 different families including four species of the elusive quetzal, toucans, the ranchero with its three dangling chins, and the Nicaraguan national bird, the guardabarranco. Miraflor also offers sightings of coyotes, sloths, deer, howler monkeys, several feline species, as well as raccoons, skunks and armadillos. Orchids are in abundance in Miraflor with more than 300 identified species throughout the reserve.

The more adventurous hikers can visit the 60-meter waterfall at La Chorrera in one of the wildest spots in the reserve. Other trails lead to the Caves of Apaguis, which were dug in pre-Columbian times by gem seekers and have been occupied ever since by duendes (dwarves). The mature cloud forest of Bosque Los Volcancitos is Miraflor’s highest point and is known habitat for howler monkeys and quetzals and offers fantastic views.

The casa antigua, a 1,200-year-old foundation in the Tayacán area, surrounded by dozens of other unearthed montículos (mounds) has not been thoroughly investigated by archeologists as yet. Miraflor is as the world was meant to be.