Nicaragua from a different view

Nicaragua is a country of immense natural wealth but it has been unfortunate to suffer from wars and calamities such as Hurricane Mitch which devastated the country and killed thousands in 1998. However, the country is slowly starting to emerge from its depressive state and grow into a place of promise.

Nicaragua is situated between Honduras and Costa Rica and is slightly larger than the New York State. It was named after the ruling native Indian chief who was in power when the Spanish arrived and conquered the country. The Spanish first settled here in 1522 and Nicaraguans won their independence from Spanish rule in 1838. Nicaragua has two big lakes – Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua – which are joined by the winding Tipitapa River. All around the country you will find incredible vistas. From mountains to lush valleys, tropical jungles to mangrove swamp – the country has it all. It even has some amazing volcanoes to see with their fertile surroundings and some beautiful tropical beaches. Tropical islands add to the list of attractions. In many respects, Nicaragua is a natural paradise.

Unfortunately while the country is slowly improving, it is not totally in the clear yet. However most tourists are able to stay safe and enjoy their time in the country by sticking to their pre-arranged travel packages and by using their common sense. Hurricanes are not frequent and most travelers need not worry about such things. Instead, you can spend much of your time enjoying the friendly people, warm sunshine and the beautiful surrounds. Nicaragua is a great country that is just waiting to be discovered.