Museo Ecologico de Tropico Seco

Protecting the environment is a vital function in every country, and in Nicaragua, scientists, conservationists and researchers work tirelessly to bring awareness to this cause. It is not only the animals, marine and bird life that need protecting, but their habitats as well, making the conservation of fauna and flora a significant project. In the Carazo Department, in the city of Diriamba Carazo, is a museum that is dedicated to development of conservation awareness and the education of the public on this matter. Museo Ecologico de Tropico Seco is an interactive attraction that is as educational as it is fascinating.

Diriamba Carazo is situated just outside of Managua. The museum was established by the Association for Community Development Department Carazo in the year 1996. With two massive exhibition halls, the Museo Ecologico de Tropico Seco, or Museum of Dry Tropics, takes visitors on a visual tour of the forests of the region and the fragile ecosystems that provide animals with habitats and vegetation. The museum takes an in-depth look at seven topics that are of significant value to the department, namely the coffee plateau, vegetation at the Pacific side, actual and proposed soil usage in Carazo, dry-tropical regions, animals on the brink of extinction, hydraulic cycles, and volcanic formations. Together with deforestation to create cities and expand on existing cities, comes the issues regarding the migration of animals and birds to new habitats and adjusting to environments they are not used to. These factors have left numerous species without natural habitats and have caused their numbers to fall at such alarming rates that they are now endangered. The museum also looks as approximately sixty animals, including vultures, woodpeckers, owls, deer, mount peacocks and otters, that are important to many ecosystems in Nicaragua.

Thousands of visitors have been welcomed by the museum over the years, and as a non-profit organization, the museum is able to continue its work with the entrance fees collected and donations made by the public. For educational purposes, the museum offers a unique rate to scholars and school groups and encourages educators to bring their children to the museum, as teaching the younger generation of the importance of conservation gives the fauna and flora of Nicaragua a fighting chance. The Museo Ecologico de Tropico Seco is dedicated to protecting the environment and all those who share the natural wonders of Nicaragua, giving rare species the opportunity to survive by means of education and awareness.