Miss Nicaragua Pageant 2008

To find a group of some of the most beautiful women in Nicaragua, one has to look no further than the Miss Nicaragua 2008 contest. Miss Nicaragua is a contest not only about beauty, but integrity, personality, intelligence and leadership qualities. With most entrants of the Miss Nicaragua 2008 pageant already meeting all the requirements, it will once again be a nail-biting contest and a very difficult decision for the judges.

The pageant is held by the Siluhetas Modeling Agency, which gives each region in Nicaragua the opportunity to select a candidate for the pageant to represent their region. This year the Miss Nicaragua 2008 pageant will be held on 23 February 2008 at its traditional venue, the Ruben Dario National Theatre. There have been many beauties crowned with this prestigious title since its inception in 1955, and the winner for 2008 will be remembered with previous winners such as, Rosa Argentina Lacayo (1955 winner), Margine Davidson (1968 winner and 1968 Miss World Finalist), Beatriz Obregon Lacayo (1977 winner and 1977 Miss Universe Semi-Finalist), Ana Sofia Pereira (1991 winner and 1992 Miss America Latina winner), Marianela Lacayo Mendoza (2002 winner, 2002 Miss Mundo Latino International winner and 2002 Miss International Semi-Finalist) and Xiomara Blandino (2007 winner and top ten finalist 2007 Miss Universe).

To give more exposure to the candidates before the main events, the pageant organizers host the national clothing competition, which also gives local designers the opportunity to shine. All fifteen finalists, Belkyss Figueroa, Gabriela Reyes, Ligia Largaespada, Nydia Blandino, Paola Ubeda, Jassel Jimenez, Thelma ROdrigues, Sonia Barba, Ingni Espinoza, Amalia Palacios, Cinthya Vega, Blanca Garcia, Alexandra Castillo, Gwuendolyne Garcia and Karina Gordon, will be modeling the exceptional creations made by the designers. This fashion extravaganza will take place on 8 February 2008.

Even though the winner of the Miss Nicaragua pageant is the official representative, runner up finalists are also given many noteworthy opportunities to represent their country in other competitions, and most do exceptionally well. All candidates are between the ages of 18 and 27, have no children and are not married. Most of the contestants are students who are optimistic about the future of Nicaragua, excited to explore the world and ready to contribute to society. The Miss Nicaragua pageant tries to move away from the stigma of beauty contests, as they want to find someone to be the face of compassion, fairness, environmental issues and the people. Every one of this year’s contestants would make a magnificent Miss Nicaragua, but there can only be one.