Islets of Granada

Across the Asese peninsula lies a group of islets that were formed during an eruption of the Mombacho volcano approximately twenty thousand years ago. It created an archipelago of three hundred and sixty-five islands, which vary in size. Some are privately owned, with lavish homes constructed on the islands. These islands are a great attraction for those visiting the city of Granada, as each islet has its own unique features and attractions, even though some are barren. Visiting the islands also affords visitors the chance to explore the magnificent Lake Nicaragua.

There are numerous agencies that offer boat trips to the various islands and have guides available. Or visitors are able to hire a boat of their own and explore the islands without a guide. Many visitors opt for the peacefulness of kayaking around the lake to discover the beauty of the islets of Granada. Going with a guide or an agency is recommended as they are able to access some of the private islands, such as Zopango Island, where visitors can interact with turtles, enjoy a wonderful fresh fish barbeque and relax in the shade in a comfortable hammock.

Visitors will also find numerous islands are home to extraordinary bird life and wildlife, of which Monkey Island is a favorite destination. One of the islands, referred to as El Castillo, has the San Pablo fort constructed on it. Built during the eighteenth century, the fort was commissioned as a means of protection for Granada against pirates and invaders. Hotels and resorts have also sprung up on a few of the islands, and others have curio shops and souvenir stores, making island shopping a unique adventure.

There is also an island with a restaurant, where visitors can grab a bite to eat for lunch. Some areas of the lake is adequate for swimming, so visitors can take their bathing costumes with them. It is also recommended to take water and insect repellent with you, as some areas are swampy and forested. Journeying over the waters of Lake Nicaragua and discovering the wonders of the islets of Granada is an unforgettable experience and one that visitors should take the opportunity to enjoy.