Nicaragua’s Beijing Olympic Update

Nicaragua has been waiting since 1968 to win a medal at the Olympic Games. It has been a goal that has eluded the courageous and hardworking athletes from the country in all of the last nine Olympic Games and for now, as the Beijing Olympics progresses, Nicaragua has placed its hope in the events that still remain. In 1996, the team came very close to the bronze medal, as the baseball team made it through to the semifinals, but tragically lost to the USA team. But all hope is not lost, as athletes and supporters back home hold onto the dream of winning a medal.

Alexis Arguello, a Nicaraguan boxer, was chosen to carry the country’s flag at the Beijing Olympics and four athletes qualified to represent their country, namely Walter Martinez for shooting, Juan Zeledon in the 400 meter, Jessica Aquilera in the 200 meter and Karla Moreno in the weightlifting division.

Walter Martinez took part in the 10m Air Rifle event, in the shooting division, but was unable to advance with a score of 569 and a ranking of 50. He still has the 50 m Rifle Prone to compete in, and it is hoped that he will be able to make some headway in this event. In the weightlifting event for women, Karla Moreno took part in the 48 kg division, but fell short with a total of 150 points and an overall ranking of eleven.

In the athletics or track events, which kick off tomorrow, the 15th of August 2008, Nicaragua will be represented by Juan Zeledon in the 400 m for men and Jessica Aguilera in the 200 m for woman. Zeledon can be seen in action on Monday 18 August 2008 for the first round of the event, while Aquilera will be trying to make it through to the quarter final on Tuesday, 19 August 2008.

The remaining athletes will be giving it their all to try and capture at least one medal for Nicaragua, and it is certain that everyone back home will be holding thumbs and wishing them well to perform their best and make their country proud.