A Delicious Visit to the ChocoMuseo

There is no better gift than the gift of chocolate. There are many chocolate enthusiasts around the world that would agree with that statement. And the opportunity to explore the different tastes and textures of chocolate, along with its history, is one that few chocolate lovers will pass up. In Granada there is an attraction that is as interesting as it is tasty, namely the ChocoMuseo, or Chocolate Museum. Opened on the 17th of July 2010, the ChocoMuseo is a new attraction that is not only popular with foreign visitors but is also well supported by locals.

This interactive workshop not only shares the history of chocolate with visitors, but allows visitors to taste the purest chocolate and enjoy a variety of chocolate products along the way at each exhibit, including chocolate bars, hot chocolate, Mayan drinks, Cacao husk tea (which is calorie free) and traditional local drinks. The museum produces its own chocolate and products. The organic chocolate produced here does not contain additives, artificial ingredients or preservatives. They make use of natural ingredients such as coconut, almonds and oranges. If the taste of the chocolate intrigues visitors, they are invited to join the daily chocolate workshop, where they will learn how to make chocolate bars and various other traditional chocolate products.

The Cacao Farm Tour, organized and led by the ChocoMuseo, is a day trip of approximately six to seven hours, and takes visitors to a picturesque cacao farm that located in the midst of a forest near the breathtaking Lake Nicaragua. On the tour visitors will be able to observe the processing of cacao beans, from the plantations to processing. Afterwards they will be able to explore the surrounding countryside on foot or horseback, enjoy spectacular views of the Mombacho Volcano, swim in thermal waters and marvel at the wildlife that includes Congo monkeys and butterflies. A minimum of four visitors is required to book a tour with the museum. Visiting the ChocoMuseo, learning how to make chocolate bars and booking a Cacao Farm Tour will sure a vacation activity that is as sweet as it is memorable.