Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Vacation on Ometepe Island

Located on the slopes of the Maderas Volcano, on Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua, Totoco Eco-Lodge offers travelers the option of enjoying an unforgettable Nicaraguan holiday with all the modern conveniences, while having minimal impact on the environment. The resort’s individual lodges are very private and each has breathtaking views of the Concepción Volcano and the lake. There are different accommodation options, from cabanas for two, to a fully equipped home for eight people. Along with the same spectacular views, the main lodge has a swimming pool, as well as a bar and restaurant serving up local and international specialties. Each of the lodges has its own renewable energy supply and innovative methods of waste disposal. Staff members from local communities, working with volunteers, implement organic permaculture farming principles to grow fresh fruit and vegetables on Totoco’s six hectares of land.

Outdoor enthusiasts have so much to enjoy during a visit at Totoco Eco-Lodge. The location of the lodge makes climbing the Maderas Volcano a popular option. Hikers will find themselves exploring five uniquely different eco-systems on their way up the 1394m volcano, with fantastic birdlife, lush vegetation and noisy howler monkeys being part of the adventure. The truly adventurous may want to make their way down into the crater where rainfall over centuries has created a beautiful lake. Climbing Concepción Volcano is another exciting option, especially as the 1600m volcano is still active. Horseback riding, canopy zip-lining, fishing, kayaking, swimming and discovering the cultural heritage of the indigenous Nahuatl Indians are other options to explore.

Totoco initiates and supports local community projects such as remedial classes for school children, a community library, and health clinics and services. Moreover, the Totoco Foundation has assisted more than twenty small local businesses with collateral-free, low-interest loans. In the Foundation’s education projects, students needing extra help are identified by teachers at the local public school and remedial classes are run by local unemployed teachers in Balgue, Santa Cruz and Madronal. Support is also offered to primary and secondary school teachers who have the huge responsibility of preparing the future generation for a world that can sometimes be difficult to deal with. Additional educational resources include a library at the Mano Amiga Community Center, with over 1400 books for various age groups, and IT classes at the local secondary school.

Nicaragua is a country with an abundance of natural beauty. By following eco-friendly principles, visitors and locals alike can ensure that this natural beauty is conserved for future generations.