A Great Family Outing to Estelimar Science Park

It is not often that a person gets to combine education with recreation, yet that is exactly what is possible in Esteli. Just a short drive from the center of town is the Estelimar Science Park where you will find a variety of interesting subjects explained in the most simple and easy-to-understand manner imaginable.

Located on the Pan-American Highway in Nicaragua, Esteli is the country’s third largest city as well as the administrative and commercial center of the country’s northern districts. It is located approximately 150 km north of Managua and is currently home to around 119 000 people. Most visitors enjoy the fact that, due to its slightly higher elevation, it has quite a pleasant climate. The city is also surrounded by forested mountains and plateaus, many of which are protected nature reserves. However ,because of the city’s role as a battlefield during the revolution and the contra war, many people mistakenly view it as an unsafe location. Efforts are now being made to change this misconception as the city and surrounding area has quite a bit to offer visitors.

One of the more interesting attractions in Esteli is the Estelimar Science Park. The park provides information about various topics in rather creative ways. Use is made, not only of written material, but also of visual aids and hands-on type exhibits. An unusual variety of topics is covered and one can see that the main aim is to educate people in a manner that is uncomplicated and easy to comprehend. Some of the information displayed covers sustainable agrarian production, including the tools, procedures, methods of planting and risk elements that go into enjoying a bountiful harvest. Another rather interesting exhibit presents a group of mechanic dinosaurs. The goal here is not so much to educate the viewer about dinosaurs, but to provide a fun and interactive way to understand the way a spring, pulley and gear work. Hydraulics and solar energy are also covered in the dinosaur exhibit in rather inspiring and imaginative ways. Other subjects covered in the Estelimar Science Park include mathematics and technology.

It is clear that the Estelimar Science Park was created as a way to educate people and so help them to improve their lives. Apart from the interactive and informative displays that help them to gain a better understanding of the most simple but effective methods of farming, technology and more, the park has an internet café and a learning center filled with computers for public and school use free of charge. In fact, the entire park is open to the public for free. A tour of the Estelimar Science Park will take around one hour and is highly recommended.