Enjoy a Cup of Nicaragua’s Organically Grown Coffee

As a collaboration between Social Enterprise @ Goizueta, Comunidad Connect, Octane Coffee, Finca Los Pinos and Finca El Petén, Farmers to 40 is a project in Nicaragua promoting sustainable economic development in coffee-growing communities, by bringing together farmers, roasters and consumers who all appreciate the value of growing high-quality coffee beans in a manner which is socially responsible. Farmers to 40 facilitates direct trade between farmers, roasters and consumers, thereby reducing the costs of distribution and ensuring that 40% of the retail price of each bag of coffee beans is paid to the farmer who produced it.

Located at around 3,000 feet above sea level in the Apanas Lake region of Nicaragua, 80 miles or so north of Managua, Finca El Petén (also known as Finca Java) is committed to growing coffee according to organic principles designed to benefit the environment and the health of the community. While other fruits and vegetables are grown in the Apanas Lake region, coffee is the driving force behind the local economy. There are no chemical fertilizers or insecticides used at Finca Java and everyone is committed to preserving the environment for future generations. In its Mission Statement, Finca Java notes that it “was created to invest in land in a way that empowers and employs the local community”, and that respect for people, nature and the rights of future generations is paramount.

Finca Los Pinos is located in the Arenal Nature Reserve in Matagalpa and is renowned internationally among coffee-lovers for its ‘Maracaturra’ brand of coffee. Owned and managed by Byron Corrales, Finca Los Pinos is committed to organic farming principles and is quoted as saying that “behind every cup (of coffee) there is a forest, a river to protect, a climate to preserve, many hardworking hands, and a planet to care for.”

Coffee is undoubtedly the world’s favorite pick-me-up beverage. If you are a coffee drinker, why not support the farmers in Nicaragua who are growing their product organically, with a view to making their part of the world a better place, for the present and the future.