Masaya: Nicaraguan Power Unleashed

Like sentries guarding the Pacific side of Nicaragua, the twenty-five volcanoes that line this part of the country are truly impressive. Many of the volcanoes are still active and a few are constantly spewing smoke skyward. For those who have been bitten by the adventure bug, you might want to try your hand at climbing one of these beauties.

The Masaya volcano which is located just outside of Managua is a powerful giant that has erupted 19 times in the last 400 years. Some scientists believe that about 7000 years ago its eruption was one of the largest to ever occur on earth. It is one of not only great power, but one of great beauty as well.

The most exciting cone of this peak is the Santiago Crater. After your climb has taken you to the crater’s edge you can pear over its rim and observe the red hot lava some 1300 feet below. For the true daring soul who owns the proper mountaineering sport gear, one can descend into the crater for a better look. But before you repel to its depths, first get the proper permission from those who run this National Park.

If you have the chance to climb this amazing peak, pack plenty of water and enough clothing for all occasions in this wet country. With the park only 5 Km from Managua you will have plenty of choices for hotel and restaurants accommodations. Enjoy the views and be careful not to burn yourself.