Enjoy the Tranquility of Los Cajones Beach

Located between the beaches of Costa Azul and Quizalá in Nicaragua’s Managua Department, Los Cajones Beach is less busy than most, although it is popular with locals and gets quite crowded on Sundays and during Holy Week. The stretch of beach is bordered by three distinctly different communities, being holiday homes, rural haciendas, and the bars, cafés and palapas catering for visitors. This area has structures in two parallel rows ending right on the beach. Some palapas – open-sided dwellings made of local materials such as dried palm leaves – are hired out to visitors, providing shade and easy access to the beach.

When the tide is out, the receding waters leave rippled rows of shells that beachcombers may want to sift through. The water is quite shallow at this time and tends to be tranquil. At high tide the water comes right up to the houses on the beachfront, so visitors are warned not to park their vehicles on the beach. Depending on the tides, the waves at Los Cajones Beach are great for surfing, particularly for beginners.

Restaurants and cafés at Los Cajones are generally family-run, and offer home-cooked meals and snacks, with sodas, water, rum and beers readily available. There are no accommodation establishments at Los Cajones, but camping is permitted and public toilet facilities are available.

In addition to the beach, another point of interest at Los Cajones is the freshwater estuary where a small river originating in nearby mountain peaks flows into the sea. During the rainy season, the river can become quite forceful. The vegetation here is particularly dense, and birdlife is plentiful, giving the area a jungle-like appeal. Certainly, Los Cajones is great for nature-lovers who just want to relax and enjoy a Nicaraguan beach experience.

Public transport to Los Cajones consists of a bus that travels between San Rafael del Sur and El Sapote twice a week. The best way to get to this remote and picturesque beach is by car, travelling on the Carretera Vieja a Leon and turning of at the sign indicating the route to Costa Azul. After three and a half kilometers there is a detour on the left with a slope leading down to Los Cajones beach.