Buy Nicaragua Real Estate around Leon and go Volcano trekking

Nicaragua property in and around the lovely 400 year-old city of Leon can serve as a base for many adventures. This charming Spanish colonial city offers premium Nicaragua real estate with many natural attractions at hand. Furthermore, Nicaragua nightlife is also at its sparkling best in Leon.

You can relax in your Nicaragua property when you return from a quest of the fiery depths of the earth. So many unique experiences await you when you go on an excursion on the thorny spine of Nicaragua’s extraordinary volcanoes. Trek through open fields and around the extinct, jet black, conical Rota Volcano walking on its lava flows, black sand, gravel, and lava rock.

The second youngest volcano in the Americas, Cerro Negro whose last eruption occurred in August 1999, is a fierce little volcano is still active and has formed three new baby craters. Climb to the summit on the cone’s north side and peer down its eerie black and yellow crater. You can come down on the west side and then continue to hike to the active cone of the El Hoyo Volcano with its mysterious hole in its western face, hike down to the secluded crater lake, swim in the warm, volcanic crater lake Laguna El Tigre.

Living on your Nicaragua property is sure to keep you in good shape with opportunity for rural hiking, walking and climbing. A nearby attraction is the Maribios Volcano Range with twenty-one volcanoes, five of which active, over a sixty km stretch. They rise to about 1,000 meters and are sunny all year round. Surrounded by rustic farms and tropical dry forest, this is ideal walking territory. Hike to the summit of the active Telica Volcano on the north base to peer down its spectacular crater. The descent is a little strenuous with two small ascents over ridges of older extinct craters.

Hike through country farms over the shoulder of an extinct cone and past the silent Santa Clara Volcano to visit the smoking and bubbling fumaroles of San Jacinto. This area is actually a magma vein for the Telica Volcano, exposed to the surface through vents smoke and bubble, truly an unforgettable experience.