Oasis International Fishing Tournament

The third annual Oasis International Fishing Tournament is set to take place from 6 to 8 March 2008 in Bluefields situated at the mouth of the Escondido River in the Autonomous Region of the Southern Atlantic (RAAS), Nicaragua. With a beautiful setting and abundant fish, the Oasis International Fishing Tournament is becoming increasingly popular.

The tournament focuses primarily on snook and tarpon, however there is also an open category, as well as a “fun fish” category. Past “fun fish” catches have included some unusual and even bizarre species. The tournament is sponsored by the Oasis Hotel and Casino and it is anticipated that previous sponsors – Suzuki, Victoria beer and Coca Cola – will once more join in the fun and excitement of the Oasis International Fishing Tournament.

The tournament kicks off on Thursday 6 March 2008 with a Captain’s Meeting followed by a festive get-together. Registered participants will be treated to a complete seafood dinner complete with drinks and live music performed by local Bluefields band, Caribbean Taste. After dinner the Old Bank award winning dance group will entertain the crowd in front of the Oasis Hotel.

Friday’s fishing starts at sun-up and continues until sunset. Participants are not obliged to return to base for weigh-in, although the scales will be available from 3:00 pm until sunset for those who want to make use of them. Saturday is the final fishing day, and due to the moon phases being perfect for tarpon fishing, judges expect to see some really big fish. Weigh-in starts at 2:00 pm and closes at 6:00 pm with no exceptions made for late comers.

The 2008 Oasis International Fishing Tournament will have a marine biologist as well as a representative from INPESCA examining fish as they are weighed. This is to ensure that anyone cheating with frozen, penned or netted fish (as has happened in previous years) will be disqualified immediately.

Prior to weigh-in on Saturday, the townsfolk will be putting on a sailboat race to entertain the spectators waiting at the pier. There will also be a Kayuko (panga sailboat) regatta between the Bluefields Municipal Pier and the Bluff. The sponsors of the tournament will award cash prizes and trophies to the winners.

The Oasis International Fishing Tournament trophies will be presented to the winners at a special awards brunch on Sunday which ends early enough to allow all the fishermen to make their way home before sunset. The entire takings from entry fees will be donated to the Bluefields Red Cross which is always quick to respond to the needs of the Nicaraguan people in times of distress.

Fishing enthusiasts who enter the Oasis International Fishing Tournament are not only assured of three days packed with fun and excitement, but they will also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting a very worthy cause that benefits the people of Nicaragua.