Relaxing on the Sands of Poneloya

Nicaragua is known for its many secluded areas that are far removed from the bustle of the cities and the destinations most popular with tourists. Visitors to Nicaragua often prefer getting away from the main stream of the tourist industry and exploring the road less traveled. Finding a tranquil beach-side village, surrounded by the beauty of nature and friendly locals is considered to be priceless discovery. While Poneloya might be popular, it has all the mentioned features.

The busiest times for Poneloya are over weekends. During the week, visitors will find the beaches almost deserted and inspiring. Of course the locals are proud to share that Nicaraguan poet, Ruben Dario, frequented the beach as a child and that Dr. Perez Ponce’s admiration for the beach was put into a song, writing: “The sea dresses in white laces, leaving tender memories for all the sunbathers of Poneloya in Nicaragua”. Another famous name who spent his childhood frolicking on beaches of Poneloya is writer Sergio Raminez Mercado. His family had a holiday home here, named La Terraza, and he filled the pages of his novel “Tierpos de Fulgor” from the memories he had and cherished of Poneloya.

The beach houses in Poneloya are still scattered across the landscape, with relaxing balconies facing the ocean for picturesque views of the beach. As it is only twenty minutes away from Leon, many locals have beach houses here to enjoy over weekends and holidays. The beach is also alive with nature, with birds filling the skies and shy sea turtles braving the sand during the months of August and September. Locals will say that one can swim in certain spots along the beach, but this generally means that it is safe to go in till about knee depth. The waters here are extremely dangerous, with rocks and unpredictable and strong rip tides. For swimming, it is advised that visitors rather try the nearby and quiet beach of Las Penitas. From Las Penitas, tourists will also be able to visit the Isla Juan Venado Wildlife Reserve.

When exploring the beauty of Poneloya, visitors come here to enjoy the beach, the magnificent views from the old green hotel and the tranquility that has made this region famous. For a destination with a difference and wildlife activities to enjoy, Poneloya is the perfect choice.