Pay a Visit to a Rosquilla Bakery

When visiting Nicaragua you will likely find yourself savouring many new and delicious tastes. One of these will undoubtedly belong to the rosquilla – Nicaragua’s national treat. Made mainly from corn, Rosquillas make for a very tasty snack and you can find them almost anywhere in the country. However, if you want to enjoy the best rosquilla’s you should definitely head to Somoto.

The city of Somoto has become famous in Nicaragua for its production of Rosquillas. The delicacy is made in abundance here, and not only can you purchase them freshly made from a number of shops in the city, but you can usually visit the Rosquilla bakeries and see how they are made. You may well be surprised to find that quite a few specialists are present during the making of this traditional food.

There are a number of steps involved in the making of rosquillas which you will see when visiting a rosquilla bakery. At each step, a specialist is involved in the process. The very first thing that is done is the corn is cleaned off the cob and the best grains are selected before they are ground, weighed, cleaned, baked and finally, ground up again.

The fine maize that is then left over is then mixed with ‘cuajada’, one of Nicaragua’s traditional cheeses. Once this is done, the resulting dough can be moulded into a number of different shapes by hand. It may either take the form of rosquilla cookies, or it may be formed into patties or ‘viejitas’. Once this is done the cookies are whisked off to the traditional wood-fired oven where they are carefully roasted under the watchful gaze of a cook.

There are small, large and medium bakeries in Somoto – many of them run and owned by families who may need to contract more individuals to help them reach their targets. The delicacy is so popular that a mid-sized bakery may produce between 6 000 and 15 000 rosquillas per a day! Most of the shops will not only let you observe you making them, but will gladly take on any custom-made orders you may have.