Schedule a Visit to Wawashang Nature Reserve

Nature reserves are formed to conserve and sometimes rehabilitate certain coastlines or terrestrial regions. This is the case with the Wawashang Nature Reserve in Nicaragua. It is located near the small town of Pueblo Nuevo, which is greatly dependant on agriculture as its source of income and employment. Some of the inhabitants of this area live in settlements on the borders of the Wawashang Nature Reserve, and are being educated on the dangers of deforestation and incorrect agricultural practices.

Most of the residents of Pueblo Nuevo and surrounding areas work on the honey bee production site near the town, or in the nursery where seedlings and various trees are being nurtured to be replanted in the nature reserve in reforestation efforts. Another form of income has also been established with the creation of the reserve. Training and educational sessions with the communities have enabled them to form an infrastructure for the tourism industry. With their knowledge of the environment, they have been able to build cabins for accommodation and be guides for hiking excursions and trails through the Wawashang Nature Reserve.

The Wawashang Nature Reserve covers an area of three hundred and fifty thousand hectares. Even though a few natural disasters such as tropical storms and Hurricane Beta have left some devastation in their wake, the reserve still has breathtaking forest areas, the tranquillity of the shores of the Wawashang River and an endless amount of wildlife. The forests are home a vast number of birds and avid bird watchers will find themselves lost in the uniqueness of the bird species of Nicaragua. Animals such as sloths, monkeys and deer can also be seen, including colorful butterflies and various dragonflies gliding over the river’s water.

Hiking through this magnificent reserve can be rewarding, and it is the stunning trails and routes that have made the Wawashang Nature Reserve a popular attraction. Resting areas are situated strategically along the trails, allowing hikers an opportunity to catch their breaths, while marvelling at the beauty of the reserve.

Admission into the nature reserve is free, although guides might want a little payment for their efforts. Guides are also able to accompany visitors to the Wawashang Agricultural and Forestry Project and even organise a boat ride from one of the local fishermen. Visitors can also hire boats which enable them to appreciate and explore the reserve from a different point of view. With all the natural attractions and spectacular wildlife, Wawashang is a destination in Nicaragua worth visiting for its tranquillity and beauty.