The Delightful Los Cardones Surf Lodge

The picturesque Los Cardones Surf Lodge is situated on the beautiful Pacific coast of Nicaragua, south of El Transito and north of Montelimar. The nearest city is Managua, about one and a half hours away by road. As the name suggests, Los Cardones Surf Lodge is a surfer’s paradise, but in addition to surfing, this ecotourism-friendly lodge offers a host of activities for visitors to enjoy.

For surfers, Los Cardones Surf Lodge is located near four incredible surfing spots that offer surfing conditions to suit all levels of skill, from the beginner right through to surf that will challenge the experts. All surfing spots are within walking distance from the lodge, with favorable surfing conditions throughout the year.

Visitors who decide to try their hand at fishing will find that the fish are plentiful all year round. During the rainy season from, June to October, the river mouths open up, bringing shrimp and small fish from the estuaries, delicacies which large snook and Cabrera snappers feed on. During the dry season, from November to May, fishermen are likely to catch barracuda and bonita pompano.

Horse riding is a very popular activity among visitors to Los Cardones Surf Lodge. A two-hour guided horse-back tour, starting and finishing on the beach, takes riders through corridors of green shrubbery and colorful flowers where they are likely to spot a variety of birds, including the national bird of Nicaragua, the Guardabarranco.

With the emphasis on ecotourism and causing no damage to the environment, other popular things to do when visiting the Los Cardones Surf Lodge include exploring miles of undeveloped beaches and tide pools, as well as snorkeling in the lagoon which is created at low tide. Majestic sea turtles frequently come up onto the beaches at night to lay their eggs and visitors may have the unforgettable experience of watching the baby sea turtles hatch and find their way down to the sea.

In ongoing support of their commitment to ecotourism, the management of Los Cardones Surf Club has ensured that the lodge buildings are constructed out of local materials which blend into the existing vegetation. The electricity is supplied by harnessing solar energy and fresh well water is used for showering, cleaning and plant watering. The soap used is biodegradable and water from showering is drained through a network of trenches and perforated pipes to irrigate the thriving tropical gardens.

Tourists visiting spectacular Nicaragua are sure to enjoy a visit to Los Cardones Surf Lodge for a truly delightful Nicaraguan experience.