Surfs Up at Playa Colorado

Located at the point where Nicaragua’s magnificent Rio Colorado meets the ocean, Playa Colorado is an absolute surfer’s paradise. This beautiful stretch of beach has been quite a well-kept secret among surfers, but as Nicaragua is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination and as surfers are beginning to realize what the country’s coastline has to offer, Playa Colorado is attracting both professional and leisure surfers from far and wide. Of course, surfing is not the only attraction of Playa Colorado, but for the majority of surfers all that matters is the quality and consistency of the swell, and by all accounts it is exceptional.

This beautiful stretch of coastline, bordered by rolling hills covered in lush greenery, is starting to be developed, and many real estate developers are offering either completed houses, portions of land for self-development or the opportunity to buy off plan for future condominium-type developments. The main selling point coming through on the marketing campaigns for real estate developments is the fact that they allow easy access to one of Nicaragua’s prime surfing locations.

Getting to Playa Colorado is an adventure in itself. Although Playa Colorado (locally referred to as Colorados) can be reached by road, the most preferred route is by boat – and for good reason. Boats depart from the San Juan Del Sur Bay, turning north along the coastline, and it is during this journey that visitors come to appreciate just how beautiful the Nicaraguan coastline is.

While there are no hotels at Playa Colorado, visitors have a choice of houses and bungalows that they can rent, many of which are practically on the beach. The closer to the beach, the more expensive they become, but even those set further back are just a pleasant walk away. Alternatively, surf camps are becoming a popular way of enjoying the natural wonders of Nicaragua, while keeping the costs down. These camps are located within a few miles of Playa Colorado and surfers travel there in groups by boat. What many surfers find appealing about these surf camps is that everyone around them has the same interest, leading to many an animated discussion at the end of a hectic day’s surfing – and the general consensus among surfers is that surfing at Playa Colorado is awesome!