Surfing in Nicaragua

Picture yourself on an uncrowded beach, with gentle breezes and so many waves you don’t have to worry about competing for space with other surfers. Welcome to Nicaragua, baby! You’ve got an entire coastline at your disposal. Nicaragua is fast becoming one of the new Mecca’s for surfing. But don’t take my word for it. Rent a board and a wetsuit, rub on a little sun block and you’re ready.

So many waves, so little time! Nicaragua’s Rivas Province has great conditions on its Pacific Coast. Whether you’re beginner or an experienced surfer, you’ll find a variety of waves to suit your interest. From hollow beach breaks to challenging points, it’s all here. Offshore winds blow nearly year-round creating consistently powerful lines day in and day out.

Other popular locations exist south of south of San Juan del Sur. Check out Ramanso Beach and Manzanilla Beach for challenging surf conditions that appeal to all levels.

Salinas Beach outside of Managua is another favorite location. Not only are the conditions great, but there are several “surf-resorts” that offer 7-10 day surfing holidays.

Remember: summer time in Nicaragua runs about 5 months – from December to April. Typically strong winds create outstanding surf conditions. Keep your wetsuit handy because the water temperatures drop.

The rainy season runs from June through October. Sure you’re gonna get wet. But you’re going love the variety of large swells and near-empty stretches of sand and surf.

Surfing in Nicaragua. Just be thankful the Pro-Surfers-Tour hasn’t tuned in to how great it is here.