Playa Maderas – Surfer’s Paradise

Located on the Pacific coast of south-western Nicaragua, Playa Maderas has a well-earned reputation for its scenic setting and superb surfing. The beach consists of soft white sand, with some rocky areas creating interesting tidal pools to explore. From the surfer’s point of view Playa Maderas has a slow wave in reasonably deep water, with four breaks getting hollow on a rising tide – rated good for beginners. As one of Nicaragua’s premier surfing spots, there are a number of accommodation options, some of which offer surfing lessons along with spectacular views of the Pacific shoreline.

Getting to Playa Maderas may be an adventure in itself, depending on which mode of transport you take. The most popular option is to travel by water taxi from San Juan del Sur. You can also get there either by bicycle or by taxi, but the road is very rough and it is apparently not uncommon for the taxi driver to reverse up the more difficult sections in order to get more traction. Once you are at Playa Maderas, there is no need for transport as everything you need is within walking distance. Be sure to have some cash on hand, as there are unlikely to be facilities to swipe a bank card.

The Surf Retreat at Playa Maderas consists of four two-bedroomed, fully-equipped homes with spectacular views of the ocean. Surfers will be able to plan their day by checking out the lineup directly from a private balcony. With a southern swell lasting from March through to December, and prevailing offshore winds, the main activity at Playas Maderas is surfing.

While the waves as Playa Maderas may not be as consistent and of the quality found at some of the beaches to the north on the Nicaraguan coastline, some local surfing competitions are held at this picturesque spot each year, and it is a popular venue for learning to surf. The nearby reef between Majagual and Playa Maderas, known as Panga Drops, is only accessible by boat and offers intermediate surfing conditions for those who want more of a challenge. Nearby San Juan del Sur nearby offers some sightseeing, activities such as fishing, and a strong Nicaraguan cultural vibe for those who want a change from the paradisiac conditions of Playa Maderas.