Relax in the Warm Beauty of Catarina

One of the most picturesque destinations in Nicaragua, is located near the town of Masava, it is the village of Catarina. Here, located at 520 meters above sea level, the village has some of the most spectacular views of the breathtaking landscape that surrounds it. It is known for its moderate climate and is a village that still engages in traditional practices, such as raising horses and handcrafting items. Visitors to Catarina will be stunned at the vast range of attractions and overall beauty of the area.

Visitors to Ecuador will be able to reach Catarina by bus from Granada or Managua. There are many small nurseries scattered around the village, as the fertile soil and climate is perfect for the cultivation of palms and plants, and any garden related merchandise can be bought here. Many locals from nearby towns and cities travel to Catarina because of the wide range of plants and accessories. All the homes in the village are beautifully decorated with plants and flowers and are a spectacular advertisement for the nurseries. Visitors looking for a few souvenirs to take home, will find the streets of Catarina to be lined with gift shops and stores, displaying their locally handcrafted pieces, pottery and baskets that are woven by the basket weavers of the village.

Most visitors travel to Catarina for its lookout point, which is known as the Mirador Catarina. From here, the magnificence of the area covers the earth like a blanket, with panoramic views of the Mombacho Volcano, the Apoyo Lagoon, the Cocibolca Lake and even Granada can be seen from Mirador Catarina. There are benches to relax on while taking in the view and a restaurant that serves tasty meals to the hungry. Vendors and singers are also attracted to Mirador Catarina, because of it being such a popular tourist attraction.

And if looking out over the landscape is not adventurous enough, visitors can also enjoy scenic horse trails, hike along one of the footpaths or take a dip in the laguna swimming hole to cool down. Even though many legends exist about the swimming hole being home to a few monsters, no tourist has ever been swept beneath the waters never to be seen again. Catarina is a magnificent destination in Nicaragua that will stun visitors with its natural beauty and charm them with the warm and friendly hospitality of the locals.