Pueblos Blancos – The White Towns of Nicaragua

The small picturesque white stucco villages outside of the town of Masaya, collectively known as the Pueblos Blancos (White Towns), are a popular destination for tourists visiting the fascinating country of Nicaragua. Usually incorporated into a tour of points of interest in and around Masaya, which lies north of Granada and south of Managua, it is well worth spending some time exploring the Pueblos Blancos.

The hills and elevated flatland (meseta) surrounding Masaya are scattered with huge crater lakes, and are the site of Nicaragua’s most accessible active volcano, the Volcán Masaya. It is in these beautiful surroundings that the villages of Pueblos Blancos are found. The unhurried lifestyle of the residents of Pueblos Blancos is most appealing to holiday makers, who are welcomed with warmth that is characteristic of these friendly villagers.

The majority of the Pueblos Blancos residents are skilled in the manufacture of traditional arts and crafts. Their specialty is ceramics and pottery and it is through the sale of their wares that they make a living to support themselves and their families. Workshops are open for visitors to enter and watch these skilled artisans at work, turning out beautiful items on their pottery wheels, which are then fired in the on-site kiln and set aside to be decorated. Visitors never fail to be impressed by the variety and superb workmanship of the myriad of plates, cups, bowls, bottles, vases, wind chimes and other containers and decorative items for sale at these workshops, many of which use the sidewalk as their shop window. Other handicrafts include a variety of items made from wood, leather, carved stone and fabric. The prices of these top quality handicrafts are reasonable, leaving the shopper with the difficult task of choosing which items to take home.

Visitors to the Pueblos Blancos can also visit the nearby lookout point of El Mirador De Catarina which offers a spectacular view of the enormous Lake Apoyo, Granada City and Mombacho Volcano. On a clear day visitors can even see as far as Lake Cocibolca. Nicaragua has many places of interest to offer travelers, and the charming Pueblos Blancos offer insight into the lives of some of the friendly people who call this beautiful region of Nicaragua home.