Piedra Pintada Museum

The highland town of Somoto in Nicaragua is known for its natural wonders and spectacular beauty. Even though it has the comforts and facilities that most travel destinations are expected to offer, Somoto is looked at as an off-the-beaten-track destination by some. Visitors to the town are often lured here by the picturesque hiking trails through the canyon, just out side of Samoto, relaxing activities such as wandering through the Central Park, known as Parque Zelaya, and magnificent attractions including the “Piedra Pintada” Museum.

Samoto is also known as a town that overflows with artisans, artists and talented locals that create beauty and splendor from ordinary items and bring color to the town. One legendary tasty treat that is produced in Somoto is Rosquillas, and bakeries in this town export their delicacy to various cities around Nicaragua, as Rosquillas are the national treat. While enjoying the tasty fruits of the towns labor, visitors are advised to take a look at the “Piedra Pintada” Museum in Parque Zelaya, and discover the history of the unique crafts created by the Somoto community over last few centuries.

Entrance to the “Piedra Pintada” Museum is free of charge and retired teachers of the town volunteer their time to the museum to educate visitors and guide them through the tiny museum. The pieces on display, some dating to pre-Columbian times, include both domestic, battle and religious objects such as spear points, containers, necklaces, urns, seals and ocarinas. There is also picturesque pottery to be viewed, photographs to marvel at and visitors will be able to explore the greatness of the town of Somoto and surrounding regions through this museum. The “Piedra Pintada” Museum not only exhibits items from Somoto, but regions such as Cacauli and Santa Rosa. Looking at the paintings and beautiful colorful creations, it is hard to believe that locals were able to produce such vibrant colors from natural materials. Visiting Samoto is a wonderful adventure and discovering hidden gems such as the “Piedra Pintada” Museum, a magnificent opportunity to explore Nicaragua in all its shapes and forms.