Pelican Eyes Resort – More than Luxury Accommodation

The Pelican Eyes Resort, or Piedras y Olas, in San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, is a resort with a difference. It is not only dedicated to the comfort of and professional service delivery for their guests, but plays a significant part in the conservation of the wildlife in Nicaragua and in the community. Funds received at the Pelican Eyes Resort in regard to accommodation, supports organizations such as the Fundacion A. Jean Brugger, which helps the local community with education and welfare programs. Staying at Piedras y Olas is a luxurious and enjoyable experience, as well as rare and unique.

There are many activities and luxury treatments awaiting anyone who is a guest at the Pelican Eyes Resort. Located on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, the resort is situated on an idyllic natural paradise, complete with sparkling pool, splendid accommodation and a delicious international menu in their new Bistro La Canoa restaurant. The restaurant offers breathtaking sunsets, together with relaxing music and their patiently crafted feasts for the eyes and taste buds. Spa treatments in the comfort of guests own rooms, gives everyone the opportunity to be pampered and spoilt.

When it comes to activities and adventures, the Pelican Eyes Resort has a few exciting options for visitors to choose from. At the Scuba Shack, guests will be able to take scuba diving courses and enjoy excursions led by a professional guide and tutor. Classes range from beginners to Rescue and Dive Master Courses and is guaranteed to be an unforgettable holiday experience. Classes are given in the safety of the resort swimming pool, so first time scuba divers should feel free to join in the fun. The Pelican Eyes Sailing is an oceanic voyage that should not be missed. Leaving from a small village in San Juan del Sur, visitors will be able to discover the beauty and magnificence of the Pacific coastline. Day trips are approximately eight hours and include meals, swimming, beachcombing, snacks and an open bar.

While staying at the Pelican Eyes Resort, the chances are good that visitors will come across a few wild animals. These beautiful creatures are a part of the Stones & Waves Veterinary Clinic and Wildlife Centre that are partners to the resort and a part of the Fundacion A. Jean Brugger. The centre provides medical assistance to wildlife in distress and also runs a rehabilitation centre. They provide veterinary services to the entire region for domestic and farm animals and educate the community on the conservation and importance of protecting wildlife. Visitors are reminded that the animals are still wild and should not be approached without a guide. Many of the animals on the resort have been abused or were kept as pets, and can for emotional or survival reasons not be placed back into the wild. Their anti-poaching projects and animal rescue service makes the local community aware of the threat posed to Nicaraguan wildlife and the significance of conservation.

Pelican Eyes Resort is more than just a destination. It is an establishment that cares for Nicaragua and the people of the country, and tries to share its beauty and splendor with everyone that visits.