Nicaragua’s Diving off Little Corn Island

Have you ever wondered what scuba diving was like before the cruise ships set anchor upon every reef in the world? Before all the coastal shores lined up with weekend swimmers? Before the lazy drift dive became the norm? Little Corn Island is just the place.

Located just fifty miles of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua, Little Corn Island is a step back to the good times of diving. With a rich and diverse marine life, this little slice of heaven has everything the sport diver could ask for. The waters are filled with sea turtles and dolphins, hammerheads and grouper. Eels lie in wait amongst the coral and sea sponges and the numerous caves that can be found here are teaming with over a 1,000 species of underwater life.

The island is void of automobiles and the atmosphere is laid back. After a successful day of diving, one can enjoy a leisurely stroll down a beautiful Caribbean beach or ride on horseback for something a little more adventuresome. With many of the hotels and restaurants within walking distance of one another, you can enjoy the charms of the island without the stress of big city congestion.

So at the end of your day while you swing quietly in your beach front hammock, enjoying a cold beverage, you will know exactly what diving was like thirty years ago. The golden age of diving is still intact on Little Corn Island.