Miskito Cays – Part 1

With so many tourist orientated cities and towns to explore in Nicaragua, many off-the-path destinations are overlooked, and yet they hold the greatest treasures and beauty. The Northern Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua is a prime example of a part of Nicaragua that is rarely explored by visitors. One destination in the country that few tourists know about, which is only accessible by boat, is the Miskito Cays. Isolated from the development and modernization of city life, it offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience through its breathtaking waters, magnificent natural surroundings and quaint fishing villages.

There are no towering luxury hotels or hip swing nightclubs and there is also no infrastructure to accommodate visitors, but it is these qualities that allow tourists to discover the culture of the local community and its undisturbed wildlife. To be fair, the Miskito Cays are not suitable for all travelers, as the boat journey can take a few hours depending on weather conditions, and must be organized in Bilwi. In addition, there is no transportation system, so it is advised to travel with a tour guide, who will be able to take care of accommodation and transport. The locals are very friendly and often open their homes to tourists, but sleeping arrangements often include a hammock and no running water or electricity. The Miskito Cays are therefore a destination for the adventurous.

Once on the Miskito Cays, visitors will soon realize that accommodation is merely a small discomfort in the face of the awe-inspiring beauty this destination offers. This spectacular Archipelago consists of seagrass beds, estuaries, islets, coral reefs, small islands, mangrove forests and wonderful marine formations. It also forms part of the Biological Marine Reserve and Coastal Fringe and is home to a variety of wildlife, such as turtles, various reptile species and monkeys. Because of its rich vegetation, the Miskito Cays boast spectacular birdlife and visitors can look forward to seeing birds such as the Spotted Sandpiper, Frigate Birds, Herons and the Mangrove Warbler. With many fascinating activities and so much beauty to keep visitors busy, the Miskito Cays are an adventure that no-one should miss out on.