Explore the Peaceful Beauty of Pearl Lagoon

The attractive town of Pearl Lagoon (Laguna de Perlas) situated in the municipality of the same name, is the largest coastal lagoon in Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur (RAAS), one of two autonomous regions in Nicaragua. North of Bluefields, the capital of RAAS, the inhabitants of Pearl Lagoon form a clean, quiet and safe community. The town has lovely peaceful lanes that can be explored at leisure. People travel between Pearl Lagoon and Bluefield by water taxi, and boats ferry goods back and forth.

The lagoon, with its many small islands, is not only a beautiful spot for locals and tourists to enjoy sun, sand and sea, but is also the source of income for a large number of the local people. Norway and Denmark have actively assisted the economic development of the fishing industry in the region by constructing a pier to enable the fishermen to get their fish to the market.

Many of the local people have small gardens in which they grow vegetables for their own use. To generate some income, it is common for people to let out a room of their house to visitors. The few small shops in Pearl Lagoon, which sell the basics, are usually a family affair, with the children helping out with chores such as drying shrimp and running errands. There is also a small sawmill in the area where planks are made for building houses and boats.

In the town of Pearl Lagoon there is an old iron cannon (affectionately called “the great gun” by locals), which is something of a mystery. It has the symbol of the British Empire – a lion and a unicorn – embossed on it and also the date of 1803, but little else is known about its history. The whitewashed Moravian church is one of the most impressive buildings in Pearl Lagoon and an evening service there is an experience to remember.

Pearl Lagoon has several small clubs where Reggae music dominates the scene. Baseball is a popular sport and competitions are held on Sundays between teams from along the coast, including Sweet Perly, The Young Brave, First Stop and the Haulover Tigers.

If you are looking for the type of holiday that will leave you totally relaxed, Pearl Lagoon is worth exploring – it is like taking an unforgettable step back in time.